Welcome to Harvey’s Hot Dogs, Street Eats & Catering.

What makes Harvey’s Hot Dogs stand out in the crowd? The short answer is: Many, Many things, but first and foremost, we don’t just serve ordinary Hot Dogs.  We start with a Premium 100% ALL BEEF Hot Dog with no fillers, no gluten, no dairy.  Then all of our Hot Dogs are specially seasoned to make eating one  a unique experience. Anyone can boil or grill a dog and it taste just like everyone else’s dog. Our difference is our secret blend of herbs and spices and then cook our dogs to perfection.

Our other selections which rotate on a regular basis are Polish, Wraps (In fact just about everyone of our selections can be made into a wrap), BLT’s and Chicken Sandwiches.  Our chef is always experimenting on how to create other fine street eats on a hot dog trailer.

Harvey’s takes pride in giving you the best Hot Dogs, Street Eats and Catered Events for the best quality at an affordable price.

We offer catering for many different types of Venues: Festivals,Political Rallies and Fund Raisers,  Food Truck Rallies, Shows, Parties of all kinds, Business catering, etc.

We almost always feature one or another of our special, fabulous creations, so be sure to stop by as often as you can for the most fun you can have at lunchtime, dinnertime or anytime you feel the craving for a great dog.

Harvey’s doesn’t just sell Hot Dogs, We sell FUN!





Harvey’s Hot Dogs, Street Eats & Catering

Serving Hampton roads & Tidewater Area of VA

757-738-6806 — Dorothy